If you want to get your visitors engaged and coming back to your site, a vibrant comments section will go a long way towards achieving your goal. Today, we’ll show you some helpful WordPress comments plugins  which can completely replace the default WordPress commenting system.

WordPress Comments Plugins

The default WordPress comments system is adequate, but doesn’t offer much in the way of added functionality. The following plugins change that by adding some cool new features to your WordPress comments section.

1. Postmatic

One of the major hurdles you’ll encounter with comments sections is engagement. Readers may leave one comment after they finish a post, but they’re unlikely to come back and check that comments section at a later date. That means creating an ongoing discussion is a uphill battle.

By using the Postmatic plugin, you can let readers subscrible to comments via email.

And here’s the unique part – readers can respond to comments directly from their email inbox. No need to force them to come back to your site.

Your readers can also get notifications when you publish new posts and simirlarly comment on fresh posts directly from their email.

In short, Postmatic is a great way to boost engagement by making it easier for your readers to actually comment on your post

2. Postmatic Social Commenting 

If you want an easy way to authenticate users, you can let them fill in their comment information via their social profiles. Postmatic’s Social Commenting plugin lets users click on their social network of choice to automatically authenticate their comment.

Comments Plugins

It’s lightweight and doesn’t require creating actual WordPress accounts – all it does is place a cookie on the commenter to remember them.


If you want to completely overhaul your WordPress comments section ( instead of using WordPress comments plugins). You can turn to a third-party solution. There’s a number of them out there, but FaceBook is the most popular options. We will introduce it to you in the next article.