Method 1: Set Up a Free Business Email Account Using Bluehost

Under the “Email” section on your hosting account, switch to the “Email Account” tab. You will see your newly email address listed there.

You can click on the “Access webmail” link and Bluehost will take you to a webmail interface. This is a good option if you don’t want to use an email client.

Bluehost will show you the information needed to use your business email address with any email client or app. You can use this information to set up using Outlook, Gmail, or any Mail app for your mobile phone or desktop.

However, you will have to log in to your hosting account each time you want to check your email.

Note: the process of creating a business email is similar for other hosting companies that offer cPanel like SiteGroundHostGator and InMotion Hosting.

If you have a domain already, you can use Zoho to create a business email address complete free

Method 2: Get a Free Business Email Address from Zoho

If you have a business domain and website already, Zoho is the service that offers truly free business email accounts without having to purchase any other parts of their service. In fact, they offer up to 25 free business email accounts, each with 5 GB data. That should be plenty for the average small business owner.

Here’s how to create a free business email address using Zoho

Step 1: Create a Zoho Mail Account

Head over to Zoho Mail and create an account. Then, enter your domain and account information to Sign Up.

Get a Free Business Email Address from Zoho

Step 2: Verify Your Domain

Next, you will need to verify that you own your domain. The exact steps will vary depending on which provider you used to purchase your domain. Just select your provider from the list and Zoho will supply directions below on the same menu.

Step 3: Start Adding Users

In the next window, you can set up as many as 25 free business email address. You’ll start with your own email address, which will also serve as your login.

Next, you can create accounts for your employees, and create email “groups” which foward messages to multiple inboxes at once. Don’t worry about setting everything up right now, you can make changes later.

Step 4 : Change Mail Record with  Your Domain Provider

Now that your domain is verified. Head back to your domain and click the “DNS Zone File” tab.

Scroll down to the MX Records section and delete any MX Records listed.

Next, you’re going to add two new records. Scroll back up to the top and click “Add record.” For record type, choose “MX (Mail Exchanger).”

These changes will complete the mail record setup process.

In General: A free business email address gives you a way of presenting your business in a professional light by connecting your business domain name to your email. It helps make potential clients and customers feel more confident in your business

Creating a professional email address is a good start for your business.