Using SSLforFree

Visit Enter your domain name for which you want to obtain a security certificate. Enter your domain name with www and click on “Create Free SSL Certificate” button. SSL For Free will also add the non-www version to the certificate (i.e

Using SSLforFree

In the next step, you will be required to verify ownership of the domain for which you want to add free SSL certificate. There are three options to verify your domain; Automatic FTP vertification, Manual FTP vertification and manual verification using DNS.

Follow each instruction carefully and verify your domain. By far automatic FTP verification is the easiest method.

If successfully verifies your domain name, It will generate an SSL certificate for you upon clicking on “download SSL certificate” button.

Now visit your hosting cpanel, search for SSL/TLS and navigate through.

Select the domain from the drop down menu for which you want to install SSL certificate.

Select “Setup a SSL certificate to work with your site”.

Paste contents from the file zip downloaded.

As an alternative, you can directly copy and paste corresponding text from SSLforfree screen to cpanel SSL/TLS screen.

Press Install button once you are done.

Congratulations! A free SSL certificate is now installed on your domain. You can install SSL on new and existing WordPress websites by following the same procedure.

This is also the alternative method for installing free SSL to those web hosts who do not support Let’s Encrypt in their cpanel.

Note: If you do not find SSL/TLS option in your Cpanel, you can download the zip and share it with your hosting provider support, they will add it from their end.

Update WordPress URL to HTTPS

After securing your website with an SSL certificate, you need to change your URL from an HTTP one to an HTTPS URL. Without changing the URL, the SSL certificate won’t work, and your website won’t enjoy any extra security.

1. go to your website’s Dashboard.

2. hover to “Settings” and click on “General.”

3. Change the WordPress Address and the Site Address and use “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” in the beginning.

4. Click “Save change”

After completing the above steps, your website has become an HTTPS website with an SSL certificate installed on it.

This is how you can get a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website and configure it for a secure environment. For discussions and queries, you are always welcome to share them  in comments below.