Integrate Facebook with WordPress

Facebook’s never a bad idea to piggyback off what’s popular. We’ve already discussed some general ways to integrate Facebook with WordPress. But using Facebook for your comments section is another great way to connect the two.

Using the Facebook Comments plugin offers several advantages:

  • Users who are already signed into Facebook can immediately comment.
  • Comments are threaded to easily differentiate between comment chains.
  • No anonymous comments – can improve quality by removing anonymity.
  • Comments are sorted by number of likes.
  • Despite it’s many competitors, Facebook still remains the king when it comes to social media.

In this post, we’ll explore ways to integrate WordPress with Facebook. Let’s get started!

Wp Facebook Login for WordPress

This particular approach on how to integrate WordPress with Facebook is rather interesting. Facebook enables third-party apps to use their login feature, which means that users don’t need to create a new account with your website to log in. All they have to do is authorize the use of their Facebook account info.

To enable the function on your site, you’ll firstly need to obtain a Facebook App ID. Once you have it, follow rest of the steps outlined in the plugin’s official instructions. They’re quite simple, don’t fret!

WordPress Facebook Comments Plugin

Integrate Facebook with WordPress - plugin

Facebook and WordPress comment sections aren’t that different if you take them at face value. However, the former has two distinct advantages over the latter.

First of all, it enables people to comment using their existing accounts, which works well with the Facebook login method we discussed earlier. Secondly, by using Facebook comments, you also get access to their built-in Like function, which makes popular comments rise to the top. That, in turn, could help foster discussion around your posts.

To add this functionality, we recommend using the Facebook Comments WordPress plugin. Aside from enabling the implementation of Facebook comment sections, it also provides you with plenty of customization choices.

To set things up, you’ll need a Facebook App ID. Then you can follow the plugin’s official documentation to get everything else set up.


Integrating WordPress with Facebook can help you improve user experience on your website. It enables users to show how they fell about your content, interact with one other, and even help you promote your Facebook page in the process.