Safari push notifications

Now it is time to set up the Safari push notifications. Click into “Settings” and click on “Apple Safari”.

Setting up the Safari push notifications.
It will then display your Web ID which you will want to copy to your clipboard.

Safari push notifications

Then paste that into the Safari Web ID field of your OneSignal configuration settings. Scroll down and click “Save”.

And that’s it! Now you have WordPress push notifications up and running.
You can now visit your website. You will see a push notification popup on the top and a bell notification icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
The push notification popup will also appear on mobile browsers.

Note: The appearance of push notification popup prompt may differ based on http/https settings of your site.

That’s why this push notification prompt looks different than what you see on some other websites?
Normally, OneSignal comes with two different prompt types. The first one is the push notification popup and the other one is the subscription bell icon.

Customizing The Push Notification Popup

The basic push notification popup is quite simple. It uses generic language and displays your site’s logo. You may want to customize that to make it more personal.

Simply switch to the configuration tab under OneSignal plugin’s setting page on your WordPress site and scroll down to the “HTTP Pop-Up Settings” section.You need to click on the toggle next to “Customize the HTTP Pop-Up Promt text” and then start adding your own text.
Don’t forget to click on the Save button to store your settings before testing.

Customize the Bell Notification Icon

The bell icon is also fully customizable from the plugin’s settings page. Simply scroll down to “Prompt Settings & Subscription Bell” section and turn on the customization options that you want to change.

You can then scroll down and change settings for each option you want to customize. Ideally, you would want to change bell icon colors to match your own theme colors.

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