Submit XML Sitemap

Submit XML Sitemap

Now, it’s time to submit this to Google.

Google has two versions of the search console, the old Google Webmaster Tools and the new Google Search Console. We recommend using the new platform but steps for both are below.

Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Select you website.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Crawl and then Sitemaps.
  4. Remove outdated or invalid sitemaps like sitemap.xml.
  5. Click the Add/ Test Sitemap button in the top right.
  6. Enter sitemap_index.xml into the text box that appears
  7. Click “Submit”.

Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

  1. Sign in to Google Search Console.
  2. In the left sidebar, select your website.
  3. Click “Crawl”, then click “Sitemap”.
  4. If this’s first time you’ve ever created or submitted a sitemap, there will be nothing to show.
  5. Click “Add/ Test Sitemap.” A small box will appear with a place to add your sitemap URL. This is where you paste in the section of the URL from your sitemap: yoursitemap_index.xml
  6. Click “Submit”.

Search console will confirm your submission with the message, “Item submitted.” Go ahead and refresh the page. Your newly submitted sitemap will appear.

After a few minutes of processing, Google will provide a full report of how your sitemap is functioning.

That’s it! You’ve successfully generated an XML sitemap, submitted it to Google.


If you know nothing about sitemaps, and need to go through the whole process for the first time, no problem. Walking through the entire process from start to finish may take, at most, twenty minutes. But, the SEO benefits, however, will be enormous.

If you’ve never created an XML for your website, get one made today. You can do it and must utter that it turned out not to be very difficult.

Then, check back here to tell me the kind of SEO boost you’ve experienced!