Use FTP Client

1. Connecting To Your WordPress Site Using FTP

Towards the top of the FileZilla window will be  space to enter the FTP account information. Enter it and click on the “QuickConnect” button.

Use FTP Client

You can also go to File » Site Manager.

Use FTP Client

This will bring up a pop up window where you can add your wedsite information. Click on the “New Site” button and provide a title for your website.

Use FTP Client

In the protocol section, you can select protocal (FTP or SFTP).

Under the logon type field, select “Normal” and then enter your FTP username and password.

Use FTP Client

Now we can click on the connect button to continute. FileZilla will save your website settings for future logins and open a new FTP connection to your website.

In this is your first time connecting to your website from this computer, then FileZilla may show you a certificate popup.

Check the box next to “Always trust certificate for future sessions’  and click on the OK button to continute.

FileZilla will now attempt to login to your website using the credentials you entered.

2. Transferring Files Through FTP

Wait a couple of seconds with FileZilla connects to your account. Once connected, you will see the list of files and folders on your website under the “Remote site” column.

The remote site column displays files and folders on your website and the “Local site” section shows files on your computer.

You can browse Local site to locate the files on your computer that you want to upload to your website. All you have to do is drag and drop them from the local site box to remove site box.

At the very bottom of your FileZilla FTP client’s screen, you’ll notice three tabbed section:

Use FTP Client

  • Queued files: Queued files are those that you’ve selected to transfer and are in the process of transferring from your local computer to the remote web serve
  • Failed transfers: these files are those that were selected to be tranferred but were not successfully transferred to the remote server.
  • Successful transfers: this tab displays a list of the files that were successfully transferred from your local computer to the server.

If your files were successfully transferred then you’re good to go – the selected files are now uploaded to your WordPress website’s server.