What is Visual Editor?

Visual Editor is a rich text editor in the WordPress post edit screen.The WordPress post edit screen has two editors, Visual and Text.

The visual editor is a WYSIWYG editor.WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get” which means that however the content shows up on your display is exactly the way it will be when it is published, and its the best way to craft content before saving your post.

Editors like Microsoft Word and Pages fall into this category as well.If you’ve ever used a tool like Microsoft Word, then you’ll find that using the WordPress Editor is even easier!Whether you need special headlines, images, links, videos, or quotes, The WordPress editor has it all! In this post, I’ll cover how to use the WordPress Visual Editor edit your site quickly, efficiently and shows you how to get the most out of this extremely powerful tool!

wordPress visual editor

In this post, I’m going to be guiding you through how the WordPress Editor works and the most useful tools that are available!This post,which gives you a great insight into making the most of the WordPress Editor and creating awesome looking posts and pages.

Let’s start!

At the top right of this editor are two tabs, Visual and Text.

tab visua

Visual Editor is the default editing mode of WordPress.com, but if it does not appear to be enabled, you can select the Visual tab in the top right corner of the editor area.

There are two rows of editing icons contained within the visual editor. You can find out what any icon means or does by hovering over it with your mouse – a small tooltip will appear describing the icon and its purpose.

two rows of editing icons

  1. The B – the bold icon.
    Clicking on this will make your text bold.
  2. The I – represents italics.
    Clicking on this will italicize your text.
  3. Strikethrough
       This is typically used to show errors or changes made to your post.
  4. Bullet List – creates an unordered or bulleted list:
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
  5. 123 list – a numbered ordered list
    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
  6. Blockquote (a way of displaying quoted text; each theme will style this differently.)
  7. Horizontal line
    The “dash” will insert a horizontal line wherever your cursor is when you click.
  8. Left
  9. Center
  10. Right
    The above three icons represent alignment.Use these to align left, center your text,or align right.
  11. Insert/edit link
  12. Remove link
    Insert/edit link and Remove link icons allow you to link and unlink your text to another page and post on your website or to an external website.
  13. Insert Read More tag
    The insert more tool allows you to create a break in the page to give a shorter preview in your post listings. This tool may or may not affect your site depending on the way your theme functions.
  14. Toolbar Toggle (enables the second row of editing icons)
    The toolbar toggle icon reveals/hides the second row of tools for editing and formatting your content.
  15. Style – various formatting styles defined by your theme.
    This  icon is a styling drop down menu for adjusting the style of your post content
  16. Underline
  17. Justify
  18. Text color
    A with the drop-down menu – allows you to change the color of your text.
  19. Paste as text
    The Clipboard T – paste plain text box inserts text from another text editor and removes any formatting that may have occurred in the other editor.
  20. Clear formatting
    Eraser – The tool that removes formatting from a targeted group of text.
  21. Insert special character
    Omega – use this to insert a custom character such as the copyright sign and the trademark sign by selecting it from the list.
  22. Outdent – move text further left
  23. Indent – move text further right
  24. Undo – undo your last action
  25. Redo – redo your last action
  26. The full screen icon.

   The full screen icon allows  you to edit or create your content without distractions by eliminating the sidebar and all other modules.Just click on the full screen button, and your post edit screen will transform into a full screen editor.

You can learn more,here.
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